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Our Partnerships 

We believe in the power of partnership.

There is strength in joining with others, giving and receiving, as we encourage one another in making a difference in our world.  As we seek to bring the good news of Jesus to our region and be a blessing to our community, we work with others to accomplish much more than we could ever do alone.  Check out the rest of this page for more info on some of our closest friends.

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We serve in partnership with the Baptist Churches of New England (BCNE).  They bless us with training, encouragement, and even grants (like ones we received for our playground).  We give to them as a way to help other churches in New England, fund disaster relief around the country, and send the good news all over the world.

In building our Community Playground, we partnered with The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, First Baptist Church of Hartwell, Georgia, and other mission teams from Connecticut and South Carolina.


Together with other gospel-preaching churches in our community, we really can do much more than we ever could alone.  Whether it's a combined worship time with our sister church - Fellowship, Granite State - or a 6-church town-wide Trunk or Treat hosted on the property of Apple Cinemas (thank you), we work with others to be a blessing to our community.

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