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We are a friendly, Bible-teaching church committed to worshiping and serving Jesus Christ. Made up of people from all walks of life, we love meeting new people and sharing the good news of God's amazing love while serving our community.

 Our CORE VALUES involve us having:


A BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW - we filter everything we believe through the lens of the Bible, not tradition or politics or culture.  God gave us a guidebook for life and we do our best to follow it.

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 CULTURAL AWARENESS - while God's Word never changes, we will constantly change as we serve an ever-shifting culture and bring God's love to our town, our region, and beyond.


AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY - we want to be a place where people can be real and connect with others on life's journey.  We recognize that we all have flaws and that church should be "a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints".

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AN ATTITUDE OF "RADICAL GENEROSITY" - we want our church to be known for what it gives to its community, not what it takes.  We want to be radically generous in blessing our community and supporting worthy organizations that are locally serving people in need.


We also believe in working together with others.  As a member of BCNE (Baptist Churches of New England), we join with other like-minded Christians in spreading the good news of Jesus locally, nationally, and globally.

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